Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME and Multiple Sclerosis MS

There is more research just out comparing CFS/ME with MS, looking at problems with sleep and cognitive problems like memory and thinking clearly. The study confirms earlier observations, and shows the symptoms were more common and worse in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome than Multiple Sclerosis. This is really important. While MS is well known and people understand how serious it is, many just don’t understand CFS/ME or realise just how debilitating it can be.

The paper can be found here:

One thing I thought the article could use were graphs showing the results. Here are the ones I made. Any errors can be put down to my own brain fog.



9 thoughts on “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS/ME and Multiple Sclerosis MS

  1. Fabulous blog! I’ve been disabled by ME/CFS since 2004 and often felt that many great suited were lacking equally great graphics, as you’ve achieved here. I believe that people can often grasp the points of a study both more deeply and quickly through illustration rather than words, words, words. I don’t have the technical ability to create the graphs, but I have some in mind from several studies. Care to collaborate? I don’t see a way to contact you directly.

    • Thanks. I am afraid my graph making experience, tools and brain capacity are very basic, but I can have a look at some research if you like. Are you on Facebook or in any Facebook CFS/ME groups?

  2. This was a fantastic post! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I recently started my blog. My goals are to help people who have battled Multiple Sclerosis for years or have been recently diagnosed. I want to be an inspiration for others and be encouraging when hope seems to have been lost, as I totally understand that feeling. I am trying to build my blog and would really appreciate it if you would follow my blog so I can increase my network to achieve my goals. Thank you so much!

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