How many sick and disabled have the Tories killed?

Badger cull 4b
Iain Duncan Smith must have known that declaring the sick & disabled ‘fit for work’ and cutting their benefits was killing them. Why else would he fight so long and hard against Freedom of Information requests and court orders to release the DWP figures? See link. 

Remember the trouble Labour got into cynically using 9/11 to “bury bad news”. The Tories did a great job burying the thousands of people IDS and the DWP have been killing. They didn’t do anything tacky like wait for another international disaster. Instead they released the DWP figures the same time as a couple of other news they knew the press would go wild for. Embarrassing stories for the Tories yes, but nothing like admitting their austerity and welfare reforms were killing thousands of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

So at the same time as the DWP figures, they release really embarrassing immigration numbers, and their shamelessly stuffing the House of Lords with a raft of new Tory Lords, including such worthies as expenses scandal Douglas Hogg or as he was referred to in numerous headlines ‘Lord Moat’. The press took the bait. Only one major paper The Guardian had the thousands of disabled deaths on the front page.

For more newspaper reports see link. The official report can be found here.  If it seems confusing, that may be on purpose. Check out Ben Goldacre’s article. For further discussion of the the death toll the DWP’s statistics are trying to hide see Vox Politica.


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